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About Us

PsyComm Research and Management Consultants is a heterogeneous team comprising of people from communication background, Sociology discipline, Academicians and Researchers from the fields of Behavioral Science, Statistics, Advertising & Economics. The rich experience, skill and efficiency of the pool of associates at PsyComm have made it a proficient and capable organization. At present PsyComm is undergoing a research project with an International Research Organization. Dr. Suvarna Sen, Managing Partner is a consulting Psychologist who has handled different counseling projects in Trauma Management, Stress Management Psychometric Testing and Soft Skills areas. The other partner, Ms. Dewpha Mukherjee Patra, has the experience of several trainings in the area of communication for the field research workers, youths, sales executives & destitute children. This team has also engaged itself with various corporate houses to deliver Soft Skills training. We have also been engaged in doing Psychometric Assessment and Counseling for some organizations. The team has people in the research wing who have developed projects on community development programme, adolescent health training (Govt. of India sponsored Program), Life Skills for the development of mental health of the challenged ones.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Social Research

  2. Soft Skills Training

  3. Psychometric tests for recruitment

  4. Psychological assessments and counseling

  5. HR consultancy

  6.  Career Counseling


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